Poker prodigy scams high-stakes players

BLUFF magazine has a great look into the news surrounding Portuguese poker prodigy Jose Macedo and how he may have been scammed several poke pros.

Dan Cates

Macedo’s former mentor Dan Cates answers questions about his work with him. The BLUFF article notes:

Following Black Friday, Cates, along with Haseeb Qureshi, the player who introduced Macedo to Cates, planned to move to Portugal to live with the prodigy and continue their online poker careers. Over the last week, however, the poker world has been shocked to learn that Macedo was scamming a number of high stakes regulars, causing a number of people to question Cates’ involvement, Qureshi’s role, the relationship between the three players and whether or not “Jose Macedo” even exists. talked with Cates to get his side of this story and ask him about his relationship with both Macedo and Qureshi.

BLUFF: At what point did you first hear about Jose possibly being involved in scamming people ?

CATES: I think about a week ago “kjemmy” messaged me on Facebook and said he thought Jose may be involved in a scam. He gave me a long list of details. I asked Haseeb about it, although, to be honest, I did not think it was possible that Jose was scamming.

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